Keywords Placement on A Web Page – What You Need to Know

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Keywords have an important role in content to make it reachable for the target audience. Keywords placement should be done strategically to make the content clear for search engines and the users. It is to clarify that which topics are to be covered under these specific keywords. So, it is recommended to place the keywords throughout the content so that the search engines can identify them. Additionally, it becomes easy for the user to find your blog or article regarding that specific keyword. Keywords should be included in tags, headings, titles, H1 and H2 tags and meta descriptions to make them easy to approach.

Role of Keywords in SEO:

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Keywords placement should be done strategically because it affects the ranking of your website. Overusing the keyword results into unnatural picture of your content for the users and search engines. So, brands must focus on the right use of keyword that should not exceed the limit. Additionally, merely using keyword is not enough, the focus should be on using the related terms. To catch the attention of users as well as search engines, the natural-sounding effect of your content is a must. This search of focusing on relevance is called as semantic search. In this, search engine endeavors to find out not only the keywords but also the related terms in the content. It helps to better understand the authenticity and relevance of the content. It is hard to align the content with the preference and demands of the user without proper keywords placement. So, keywords written by users tell the search engines about requirement of the user. Then, they tell the search engine about your content to focus on it.

Use The Keyword In Meta Description:

Meta descriptions have an important part when it comes to keywords placement. Keep this thing in mind that meta descriptions are not used by Google directly. Google doesn’t use these descriptions for checking the value and relevance of a site. But these are displayed in search engine results pages when a user searches for something by writing a particular keyword. People look at the URL, meta description and the title when they scan their search results. When they put a particular keyword on search engines, they look at the brief descriptions of the site that comes in SERP. So, it is recommended to add tour main keyword in meta description to make more users click on the site when they get it in SERP.

Use The Keyword In Title:

Keywords placement in a title helps you out to make your content reachable to the users. When people search for something, they get the URL along with title. Inserting keywords in titles facilitates the users to get to know about your site. Keyword in a URL gives a quick idea to the user about relevancy of your content with their search.

Use The Keyword In Introduction:

Experts say that using keywords in introduction or first 200 words increases the chances of getting user’s attention. According to a study, people only continue to read the content when they find the introduction useful. Most of the readers read the content after introduction if the introduction is catchy and informative. So, keywords placement in introduction can be a ranking factor for your web page.

Use Keywords In Headings:

According to experts of an coursework writing service firm, the purpose of headings is to chunk down your content into sections. The content without an ending point in bulk or in the form of long paragraphs is usually skipped. People don’t pay attention towards reading the whole page without any heading or a divider. A reader focuses on the headings and quickly scrolls down to the required one. So, keywords placement in headings enhances the chance of making your content readable for the reader. It also adds the ranking factor in SERP when people search for a web page.

Use Keywords In Images:

It is a useful tactic to go with your keywords placement through images. Keeping in mind the importance of images in content, you can use keywords in the file name of the image. You can use the SEO keyword in alt texts as well to get the help in accessibility of your content. The recommended practice is that you should use alt text with the images for making it descriptive. Simple usage of only keywords will not do wonders for you.

Choosing The Right Keyword Is Important:keywords placement on a web page

Just like the importance of keywords placement, it is an essential aspect to use the right keyword. This is called keyword search. It is to be done by looking at the search trends to get the idea about what is in demand. When you perform keyword research, you need to know that which ideas and terms are drawing the attention of users. Which words are in demand and what are the topics mostly searched by people. It helps you to observe that what’s the interest of the user, making it possible to hit the required content.

Keyword research is also helpful to get the idea regarding your competition. This research helps in identifying how several authoritative sites already have a place in impacted SERPs. Somehow, it makes problematic for the new sites to produce such content that can get high rank in search results. Because certain keywords and related content is already available in bulk. Oppositely, focusing on such keywords that don’t have extremely competitive first page in SERPs makes things easy. It helps the brands to make their way in search results.

What Should Be Focused By A Brand?

A brand’s page should focus on the priority for creating such content that has a strong search rate with minimum competition. It helps to strengthen the number of pages in first page when it comes to SERPs. Similarly, it is useful to maximize the ranking factor in search results. The Phd dissertation writing service office says that certain keywords with populated authoritative sites make the brand or its web page suffer.


Keywords placement needs focus and strategy to play with your content, so that it becomes reachable for the users. Similar, to get a strong position in the ranking game in SERPs, you should focus on using relevant keywords. But remember, if you stuff keywords randomly, it won’t help to capture the attention of search engines and users.