Active Learning: All You Need To Know About This Concept

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An active learning strategy is an important form of a teaching-learning process in which the students are urged to learn something by taking part in the learning process. There are a lot of forms of active learning and we can execute active learning almost in all the disciplines. The main aim of active learning is to engage the students in the learning process by devising some essential activities for them. The best activities in this regard are around writing, talking, reflecting and problem-solving. If you are not able to write an academic paper about active learning, then you can get help from experts in academic writing services.

Active Learning Strategies

There are a lot of types of active learning strategies. Some essential active learning strategies are given below;

  • Reciprocal Questioning

Reciprocal questioning is an essential strategy for active learning. This kind of learning strategy can encourage an open dialogue between the students and teachers. In this effective learning method, after delivering a mind-blowing lesson, the teacher divides the whole class into groups and asks some questions from them.

  • Three Step Interview

Three step interviews is a cooperative learning strategy in which the students are asked to take part in the cooperative learning technique. Interviewer, interview and note taker are three essential roles of the three-step interview. Some essential benefits of this kind of active learning strategy are to help the students, to strengthen the connection between the students, and to produce a sense of accountability between the students.

  • The Pause Procedure

This is also an essential active learning technique for the students. The main purpose of this kind of learning technique is to take a pause of 2 to 3 minutes after delivering a lecture of 10 to 15 minutes. After this pause, the teacher should ask some questions from the students about that lecture. In this way, the students try to listen to this lesson with full attention and concentration.

Importance Of Active Learning

Career CounsellorsThere are a lot of benefits of active learning for the students. Some of them are given below;

  • With the help of active learning, it is easy for the teachers to increase the content knowledge of the students. Moreover, students can also enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving
  • As we know that if we want to learn something, then we will have to show a positive attitude towards it. With the help of active learning, we can also develop a positive attitude in the students.
  • An active learning technique can also develop an enthusiasm for learning not only in the learners but also in the teachers.
  • The communication and interpersonal skills of the students can also be enhanced with the help of an effective active learning technique.
  • The students can also enhance the perception and attitude towards learning with the help of this kind of essential learning technique.
  • With the help of active learning, the research abilities of the students can also be improved.

In short, we can say that an active learning technique is the best way to deliver effective knowledge to the students.