Step by Step Guide for Students on Problem Statement Writing

Problem Statement Writing

The problem statement works as a proposal for research work. It includes a brief description of the whole research. If you are working on problem statement writing, you need to work on its different aspects. There should be a problem that needs to address in all research work. Also, it should have a clear justification for the problem. Problem statement writing includes importance for addressing the selected problem.

It would help if you had a clear idea about the problem. You cannot select a problem randomly. For example, you are working on a topic that already has research. Then you have to see the gaps of past work. And it would help if you worked on those gaps. Otherwise, you would not have worthy research. That gap in the research should be very clear to you. If you are facing any problem in understanding, go to your advisor and ask him for help. Because, without understanding the gap, you cannot come up with a good problem statement.

In Problem statement writing, the very important aspect is to ask in the form of W’s. It includes when, who, why and where. It helps you to structure your problem effectively. This way, you can end up researching with the best conclusion. The basic purpose of problem statement writing is to convey ideas. It is a tool to make complex things understandable.

Purpose of Problem Statement Writing

The problem statement not only addresses the gap of past studies. But it also identifies the future of the research work. Without a problem statement, research cannot be done. Your problem statement plays a role in engaging the reader. In the problem statement reader gets the clear goal and scope of the study. And are you thinking that the problem statement is only important where you have to address the gap of the past research? I suppose you might be wrong. If you are working on some unique and new topic, still problem statement is necessary. In short, it is a basic part of the research.

Steps for Writing Problem Statement

Theoretical Situation

The very first step in problem statement writing is to create a theoretical situation. You have to add a background of the study. The description of the background makes it easy to understand. Even if your topic of research is very common do not ever skip its background. You are not sure which person is going to read it. Here, while problem statement writing, you have to mention the functionality of the process. For example, you want to increase the rate of productions in some sector. For this process, you can mention that use of more resources helps in more production.

Identify the Problem

Here you have to go for the use of five W’s. This Five W’s make a clear track to understand the problem. Let’s discuss one W in detail. Take ‘why’. You have to address why there is a need to address the mentioned problem. You can add answers as per the need. For example, without addressing the problem, department is facing issues in productions. Then there comes the point of how much work has already been done on same issue. And what problem is still present. Here mention the problem and add all information you have about it. You have to address problem and necessity to address it.

In the same way, you have to mention the cons for not addressing the issue. What will be the consciousness, and how it can get worst? You need to share details of the cost for addressing the problem. In case if you are still feeling problems, you can buy dissertation online from a reputed firm like The Academic Papers UK. Doing so, you will be able to get complete dissertation solution, from research topic to a complete write-up.

Support for Claim

Whatever you mention in the description of the problem, you have to support it. For support, you need evidence. In problem statement writing, you cannot add any personal opinion without authentic reason. You need to provide evidence of each saying. If you are discussing the pros of addressing the problem, there should be proper evidence for it. Without evidence, you cannot make your problem statement effective. This is the only step that forces readers to get curious about your research.

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Proposed Solution and Conclusion

Solution and conclusion is the last step in problem statement writing. You can come up with more than one solution. Describe the benefits of each solution. And mention available resources for each solution. In the end, summarize your whole problem statement and mention the best-suited solution for it.