College Book Review – Structure and Guidelines to Follow

College Book Review

A book review makes it easy for students to show the author’s intentions behind writing a book, as well as create a criticism of the book, as a whole. In other words, a book review can be described as the process of forming an opinion of the author’s presented ideas. If you have not written a book review before and this is your first time, you can learn how to write a book review successfully, following the structure and guidelines to do it right.

According to dissertation writing services, book review tasks are commonly assigned to students during the college or university years by the teachers to check out their clear understanding of a book and the author’s concepts as he or she strives to explain them. These reviews are also assigned when the teachers want to make sure if the students have gone through the recommended book. When writing a book review, students need to keep in mind the format; mostly it follows the essay format but you must follow the guidelines and refer to the teachers’ guidelines for coming up with top quality and engaging book review.

It would not be wrong to say that book reviews are a chance for students to present and share their thoughts and opinions regarding the author’s ideas in the book or passage. It is a form of literary criticism that helps to analyze the author’s ideas, writing techniques, and quality. This analysis is entirely opinion-based and most importantly, in relevance to the book. It is a good practice for students who aspire to become editors and want to do a good job of editing books.

Book Review Structure:

The book review structure includes an introduction which also contains the thesis as well as body, and conclusion.


  • It describes the book cover and title
  • It includes any subtitles at this stage
  • It also includes the author’s name


  • It has a brief description of the novel
  • It introduces the main points of the body in the book review

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  • Here about 3 quotations from the author’s novel should be used
  • The quotations should be summarized in students’ words
  • Students should mention their point of view regarding the quotation
  • Every point is discussed in a separate paragraph


  • A summary of quotations and explanations
  • Concluding sentence
  • Rating of the book, if required

Writing a book review is not a very tough task if you understand how to do it right. Books reviews can apply to all novels, no matter the genre. Some types of books might be tough to review but the format and the main idea remain the same. The first step to writing a book review is planning; it can be started with creating an essay outline with all the main points your wish to analyze. It is necessary to keep in mind certain significant points before starting to write a review:

  • What is the plot of the book – knowing the plot will help you to write an effective and more interesting review
  • Is the plot engaging – the plot must be interesting and engaging enough to make the students or readers go through the novel, it should be enjoyable and grab the reader’s attention with details
  • Do the characters seem real or logical – this is important because characters can have a significant impact on the readers and reviews, if they seem real or logical it adds more power to the review
  • Has the author written effectively – it is necessary to check if the writer has implied factors in-between the line and if yes, then what they are
  • Do the characters seem believable or logical – is the book strong enough and written the right way to make the characters seem real and convincing
  • Is the book good enough to be recommended to others – this is very important, if the book is not good enough for others to read then why are you doing a review and what makes this book good enough to be read?
  • What could have been better – while working on the review, you must keep in mind the quotes that have been presented better; criticizing the writer and questioning what has been done and how is an important part of the book review process

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After you are done reviewing the book, you might also want to include a rating. If required, you can include a star-rating that provides further insight into the quality of the book to the readers. book reviews with star ratings can be more effective as compared to those that are not and can help the readers connect better with what you are trying to say.