How to Write a Dissertation When 1 Week Left for Submission?

How to Write Dissertation

Starting to write your dissertation when there is only 1 week left in submission can be the toughest task you are facing after assessment. It is the most challenging task because no matter how easy or short it might be, writing a dissertation requires some time and attention and you will have to work dedicatedly on the assignment to achieve the best results.

Remember, your grades and degree depend on how seriously you take the dissertation writing assignment if you are to submit it on time as every little effort counts so make sure you are aware of the nitty-gritty to work most efficiently.  Completing a dissertation at a time when there is only 1 week left for submission is indeed a daunting task and it will not be easy for you to think, manage and write during this limited time but you can do it just as thousands of students before you have.

You will have to give up a few things for a week and make sure that you only focus on work and keep all your thoughts and efforts directed towards completing the assignment.  With careful planning, smart organization, and motivation, you will not have to worry about failure; you can look forward to submitting the dissertation on time even in as little time as 1 week to work on it. Discussed here are some of the most important tips that will make it easy for you to direct all your attention to the task and achieve success at the end.

Set Up Your Work Station And Get Ready To Work:

Setting up your work station and getting ready to start the work is very important; you must have the computer or the laptop working in top condition, there should be an uninterrupted supply of internet and you should have a printer and other tools all ready to help you with the research and writing task. Clear your desk or workspace free of all clutter, get rid of books, magazines, and other stationery that will not be used as it will only distract you. Make sure to avoid using social networking websites for the next 7 days as it will keep you focused on work and you will be able to give complete attention to the task at hand.

Write And Write – Even When You Have Nothing To Write:

As told by experts of a dissertation writing service, saying it is much easier than doing it; however, you will have to write as this is the only way to come up with ideas and arguments and complete the paper. Keep on writing even if you have zero motivation as this is the only way to snap out of this zone. Since the aim is to fill the content quota, write as much you can, and when you don’t feel like continue to write to get back on track. It does not matter if you are not happy with the quality of your writing or you end up making mistakes as all this can be dealt with in the editing part. As you just have a few days, write as much as you can so that you have some sizable content to edit and present to the teacher at the end.

Write Down Every Idea That Comes To Mind:

Instead of sorting out ideas and thinking about how to write them, simply pen them down. As you keep on writing, new ideas will keep on popping up and when you add them in the end; it will dramatically improve the dissertation quality.  Keep on adding to your notes and other important information so that you do not lose anything significant and it is there when you need it. Do not rely on memory as with so much pressure, you are most likely to forget what you read and it will only lead to a waste of time.

Keep Your First Draft As The Final Draft:

As you are already short on time, keep your first draft as the final draft as you will not be to manage second and third drafts due to the submission date drawing closer so fast. You can maximize your writing time and minimize the energy spend on editing by using just one draft and making changes to it as you write. For this, you will have to be a little careful when writing and make to edit the paper very carefully so that there is no irrelevant information, unnecessary details, and mistakes that cost you good grades.

Focus on the structure, format, and style of presentation as well as placement of figures and other details to come up with a high-quality dissertation in the shortest of time.